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Use it to monitor the mailbox, garage, driveway or a wide range of other places.

Read on, to know more about how these electronic devices make your security measures more meaningful.

A driveway alarm system is often integrated as a component of a system which automatically performs a task or alerts home owners of an unexpected intruder or visitor.Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored is detected.What is a wireless driveway sensor and how does it even work.

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Many homes are actually under protected, only having a couple of doors or windows in the home protected by a security system.Why go through the trouble of wiring an alarm system when wireless alarms exist.Both wired and wireless alarms offer other conveniences too, making them a very useful driveway security.Dakota Alert is the leading manufacturer of wireless alert products like wireless driveway alarms and motion sensors.

If a monitored site is tripped, the STI transmitter sends a wireless signal to the control panel, efficiently alerting of use.We offer the Driveway Sensor System because we heard from customers that they needed a solution for a practical problem. - PR10122954.

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Keep track of vehicles entering or exiting your property with the NEW Mighty Mule or GTO PRO Wireless Driveway Alarm.Driveway alerts function in conjunction with driveway sensors: the latter discovers the presence of a person or vehicle, and the former alerts you to that presence.

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Whether you already have a home security system or are looking to add to your existing security system, a wireless driveway alarm system may be the perfect addition for you.Wireless Mailbox Alert (STI-V34200) When a mailbox door is opened, the included receiver will sound a programmable voice message.

Movement of any large metallic (iron or steel) object close to the driveway sensor will transmit a signal to the included receiver.The driveway is the point where most visitors or intruders will enter your property.The alarm uses reliable electromagnetic vehicle detection to sense when a vehicle is passing through your driveway.Always be aware when guests or trespassers pull into your driveway or enter a restricted area.

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When a vehicle or person passes the sensor, the receiver emits a pleasant chiming sound that provides.

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Our 20 years of experience working with these products has given us unparalleled industry knowledge that we would be happy to share with you.A driveway alarm is a device that is designed to detect people or vehicles entering a property via the driveway.

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Find great deals on eBay for wireless driveway alarm and driveway alert.You should not, however, consider these a one-size-fits-all, as there are various drive alert functions and methods, and choosing the one that is right for you requires some research.Easy to use do-it-yourself wireless alarm kit for home or business provides peace of mind without breaking the bank Connect in minutes with easy mounting, pairing and convenient wireless operation (uses 3 x AA batteries for receiver and 3 x AAA batteries for sensor) Position the PIR alert motion.Description The Infrared Wireless driveway alert system alerts you the moment someone enters your property.

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