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Sunset Overdrive is an ever changing, open-world shooter set in the not-so-distant future.The prices shown are the lowest prices available for Sunset Overdrive the last time we updated.Sunset Overdrive was one of the high-profile Xbox One exclusives when it launched in October 2014.

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Not long ago, Insomniac Games made a name for themselves with the Ratchet and Clank series, known for its fast paced platforming and shooting as well as its style of humor.

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Originally released in 2014 and just for the Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive by Insomniac Games has now come to the PC on Steam.

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With hyper-agility, unique weapons, and customizable special abilities, Sunset Overdrive rewrites the rules of traditional shooters and delivers an explosive, irreverent, stylish, and totally unique adventure exclusively to Xbox One.In the world of Sunset Overdrive, you are a crappy temp worker working a crappy temp job as a janitor for the release of a new energy drink, Overcharge Delirium XT.

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The game is set during an apocalypse, but one far removed from the brown-and-gray.A contaminated energy drink has transformed most of the population into toxic mutants.Sunset Overdrive is set in the fictional American metropolis Sunset City.

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If you own an Xbox One, this is one exclusive title that you need in your collection.Insomniac Games and Microsoft have announced that Sunset Overdrive will be headed to Windows 10 PC, and will be available for purchase Sunset Overdrive is out now for the Xbox One.Not only that but a physical SKU is also going to be available and it will include not only the game but a copy of the official soundtrack and a poster.

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Sunset Overdrive is an open world action game set in the Sunset City metropolis in 2027.

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